Saturday, January 24, 2009

Exhibition Design

What is Exhibition design?

- People use objects and the environment around them as tools in satisfy their instinctual impulse to expose, enlighten,celebrate, reverse, sell, and interpret aspects of their experience.
-Creative an “ Environments that communicate”
-An integrative process that bring in various degrees of architecture, interior, environmental, graphic design, lighting,audio, mechanical interactive, and other design disciplines.

Who do we design for?
-You have to know your audience by knowing their personal history, cultural background, gender, age, abilities, and learning style.
-Social interaction
-Type of visitors: older, more educated visitors, school groups families with children, retired tourists……etc
-Universal design
Types of Exhibition
-Exhibitions are developed to represent the culture, document the trends, or establish the historical narrative of a certain place and time.
-Throughout history exhibitions have taken on many forms to support various institutions, ranging from churches to palace and cities.
-While all exhibitions use the environment to communicate, they diverge in the goals of their narratives.

Types of Exhibition
-Educational museum
-Public centers exhibition design
-Public areas
-Commercial areas

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