Friday, October 17, 2008

Architectural Considerations In Color Design

Architectural and interior design consists of the manipulation of many interrelated elements including space, form, structure, light, texture, and color. Unfortunately, the one ingredient in the inter pendent mix of design elements that is most often overlooked or left as an afterthought is color. To avoid this, approach color selection as an integral part of the designer rather than something which is applied superficially after the fact.
Effective color design does not need to add any cost to interior renovations or construction: it is simple matter of planning ahead. The best approach is to look at all the paint colors and other materials as a single color composition.
The most successful interior color design is responsive and appropriate to the design goals. Some of the important roles color can play include
1. Setting the emotional tone or ambiance of a space
2. Focusing or diverting attention
3. Modulating the space to feel larger or smaller
4. Breaking up and defining the space
5. Unifying the space or knitting it together

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